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Beauty / Grooming5 January Grooming Essentials for men.

5 January Grooming Essentials for men.

Lifeland Team

It's a new year and in the spirit of refreshing yourself, you should consider your grooming habits.
It is no secret that the way a man dresses influences the way he is addressed so by now, your routine should have evolved beyond shaving with a disposable razor and washing your face with a grimy bar of soap.
It's time you made some modifications to your skincare routine. By stocking up on a few key-grooming products, you are just about to pull off the perfect look
Here are 5 everyday grooming products for the Nigerian man;

1. A Facial Wash

Keeping your face clear and bright is the foundation of a great men’s skin care routine. Basic soap and water won't do the trick when it comes to washing your face. Take care of the skin you're in, with washes for your every need, from anti-ageing and acne-fighting. Always make sure your face wash is meant for your skin type. Also make sure to use it in the morning when you wake up, so that you look refreshed and energized and then before bed to prevent any oil or impurities from settling in your pores at night.

Try the Himalaya Herbals Power Glow Face Wash today. (Click image to shop)

2. Face Moisturizer

After a face wash, you should be using a men’s facial moisturizer to protect and hydrate your face. A face moisturizer allows you to keep your skin hydrated and will make your face look firm and best of all, provide anti ageing benefits to keep your face looking strong and youthful for decades to come. A facial moisturizer is great for even oily skin type.

Credit: Shea Pulvie by Samantha Annis

3. Shaving Cream

No matter what your beard looks like, a shave cream is an essential daily product every man needs. Make sure you’re using a natural shave cream for men, instead of ones that foam or lather. Most often, the ingredients used to create lather irritate the skin, creating major post shave irritation and bumps and causing the blade to directly scrape against the skin with no lubrication or protection. A natural men's shave cream will sink into the skin, creating a protective layer that will prevent post shave irritation.

Try the Clinique for men cream shave (Click image to shop)

4. Hair Clipper

One of the elements that determine a man's look is the hair on his head and face, in order to look presentable and astonishing you need to keep a clean look.
A clipper is one indispensable tool of men’s grooming. This goes to all the ‘Beard Gang’ out there. A light dusting of the ends of your beard as you are growing it out keeps a cohesive shape and look.

5. Hair Products

Hair products add texture and help give definition to the overall style. When a guy doesn’t use hair product, often times his hair will appear fluffy. Also, stay away from the cheap, drugstore brand because those will strip the oils out of your hair, causing it to look lifeless and dry over time. Likewise, shampoos filled with chemicals damage the follicles on the scalp. This applies to your beard too so remember to oil your beard if you are trying to keep your #beardgang game up!

Try the Eco Pantry Beard Balm (Click image to shop)

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