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Fitness7 Work Out tips from TSK Fitness

7 Work Out tips from TSK Fitness

Mega Ofodum
We sat down with TSK Fitness to find out some of his work out tips we could all use for better results.

Here are TSK’s 7 Work Out Tips

-Tone up on the treadmill.

Getting a good run on the treadmill while it’s on an incline is a great way to tone up your lower body. To avoid injuries like shin splints and knee problems, try leaning forward slightly and keep your abdominal muscles engaged while adopting an interval workout, combining brisk walks and short sprints up a slight incline. Intervals also target belly fat so you could add this to your daily 6 pack routine. (Aim for 400 calories in 40 minutes).


-Power up your runs.

Make your runs even more energy packed by getting a good rest before you go. Making sure your Vitamin and Nutrient levels are all topped up is also important. B vitamins are very vital for maintaining energy levels. Try some multivitamins and foods such as green leafy vegetables, chicken or eggs to get your vitamin B dose.


-Workout during your work day.

Working out during your workday is a great way to re-energise yourself and be more productive with the rest of your day. A light work out during your lunch break can help increase your blood circulation and wake your brain up so you are ready to face the rest of the day’s activities. This is great especially if you’ve got a job that has you sitting down all day and you don't like waking up early to go to the gym or you end up too tired to go workout after work.


-Give yourself a break.

We all need little rest and relaxation every now and then. It’s necessary to give your body time to refresh and repair itself. The everyday stress of Nigeria puts a lot of strain on your body even on the molecular level. Giving yourself some time off to unwind and meditate gives your body time to activate processes to fix itself and keep you healthy. I recommend booking a spa day or meditation at home.


-Maximise your crunches.

Crunches wont burn belly fat but will tone your core muscles to gradually form a six pack. Sometimes doing the abdominal exercises can be the most daunting or easiest to forget but if you want to get or keep that six pack, you’ve got to be ready to CRUNCH. Set a goal for yourself and try to surpass it. Try 3 sets of 20 to start with.


-Do regular push-ups.

Push ups are a great upper body exercise! It increases strength in the forearms, shoulders and chest. It also boosts up metabolism because by exerting yourself your heart starts to work harder causing blood to circulate more. It increases your metabolic rate so you burn more calories. It even makes you feel good about how you look. Try doing some push ups before taking a picture, you’ll see! Challenge yourself with 100 push ups everyday for 30 days.


-Chart your progress.

Progress comes gradually, you know where you’ve been and where you want to go. Just remember the journey matters, be patient and keep a close eye on your improvement plan so you know you are not going backwards but always forward. And when you achieve your goal, you’d feel great because you can see your progress all the way.

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