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Beauty / GroomingA quick and easy guide to growing a thicker beard.

A quick and easy guide to growing a thicker beard.

Lifeland Team

It seems like #Beardgang is going nowhere in 2018 and we are all for it!
Growing a thick and rugged beard takes perseverance and patience.
Several factors influence the growth and quality of your facial hair. Some of those factors are genetics, hormones, certain health problems, ethnicity, nutrition and certain medications.

Here are 5 tips to make your beard grow faster, naturally.

1. Start with a clean shave.

You can start from scratch by trimming any facial hair you have off, shave closely to the skin. This will make your facial hair grow as evenly as possible as you start your new beard.
After shaving, avoid further treatments on the shaved area for 4 weeks other than washing and taking care of your skin. Your facial hair should start coming up after this procedure.

2. Be committed to the growth process

Many men give up on the process of growing their beard just as progress is being made. Most guys put a stop to growing beard because it gets itchy.  You need to understand that the itching only lasts for 4 weeks before you will eventually get used to it when the beard softens slightly. Use a moisturizer on your beard follicles to soften the hair and to keep the beard from itching too much. But you have to be willing to keep on for at least four weeks for the hair to grow, even though the uncontrollable itching persists. After these four weeks, the hairs will soften and the itching will subside.

3. Exercise

It might sound like we are just trying to stick this in here but theres actually a scientific base to this point. Exercise increases testosterone hormone levels in the body. More testosterone promotes healthy follicle proliferation and healthy hair growth. Exercise also increases blood circulation which provides  nutrients hair needs to grow thicker and stronger. So therefore, to improve the quality of your beard exercising on a regular basis definitely gives a boost!

4. Improve Your Diet

Vegetables are packed with all the minerals and vitamins that your body needs to stay healthy. Hair is made of protein, so eating protein rich diet will help provide your body with adequate nutrients to help your facial hair grow. Also stick to healthy, nutritious and vitamin-rich diet. Drink plenty of water – the recommended 8 glasses or 2 litres of water a day will help you grow a thick, full and healthy beard. Eat foods that will increase testosterone production and give your beard that luxurious thicker appearance.

5. Use Beard Oil

Once you start growing a beard even if it’s still light and faint, start applying a nice beard oil to make it grow faster. It also makes it look healthier, younger and fuller. There are so many beard oil products out there that claim to enhance beard growth. Some great ingredients you should look out for in your beard oil include, eucalyptus oil, Jamaican castor oil, grape seed oil and jojoba oil. 

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