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NutritionAlternatives to Dairy Milk you should try today

Alternatives to Dairy Milk you should try today

Ndira Ofodum

Dairy milk still remains the most widely available and sought after type of milk, and due to costs and the familiarity factor, this is unlikely to change anytime soon. However the good news for vegans, the lactose intolerant, or anyone simply looking to try something new, there are a variety of substitutes available. 

Here are some great alternatives to dairy you should add to your grocery list if you would like to switch your milk options.

Cashew Milk

- 10 calories per 100 ml
- 0.8g of fat
- 0.4g of carbs
- 0.4g of protein

Unsweetened cashew milk tends to be very low in calories. This is a great option for people trying to lose weight.

Almond Milk

- 13 calories per 100ml
- 1g of fat
- 0.4g of carbs
- 0.4g of protein

While also low in calories, almond milk also serves as a great source of vitamin D.

Coconut Milk

- 19 calories per 100 ml
- 1g of fat
- 0.4g of carbs
- 0g of protein

Coconut milk is safe option for people who suffer from high blood pressure and want to cut down on their cholesterol. It can also be used as a pre-workout booster.

Soya Milk

- 34 calories per 100ml
- 1.7g of fat
- 1.7g of carbs
- 3g of protein

Soya milk contains a high amount of protein. You should try it out with your protein shakes to stay fuller for longer.

Tiger Nut Milk

- 56 calories per 100 ml
- 2g of fat
- 9.8g of carbs
- 0.6g of protein

While tiger nut milk is higher in calories than the other options, it is richer in fibre then any other alternatives. 

Your choice of dairy alternatives could depend on your diet and nutrition goals. Pay attention to the calorie requirements for your meal plans and the volume of milk you use for each meal.

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