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Beauty / GroomingBlack Hair Science: Have you got a hair care regimen?

Black Hair Science: Have you got a hair care regimen?

Zinny Ofodum

Do you want noticeable increases in length as well as improved hair health? If so, reducing breakage over a sustained course of several months is necessary. Any hair-care intervention with a goal of achieving reduced hair fibre breakage and damage in nearly every aspect of your hair’s daily care should be what you are looking out for. Unfortunately, many are not aware of the habits that keep hair looking nice and healthy but rather they put their hair through harsh conditions for momentary beauty. People often hope to come across a magical idea , product or stylist who can fix all of their hair problems. Some people lack understanding of what separates good hair care from bad hair care and go on to try anything they hear works.
A better Idea for your hair’s sake is to be well informed, build a foundation to work off of and develop a plan to improve your hair.
But first, it is important to consider how your current hair practices are either supporting or hurting your hair goals.

Healthy Hair Care Regimen Building 

In general, black hair care regimens can be classified in three broad categories:
-    Recessive - maintenance regimens.
-    Basic - maintenance regimens.
-    Healthy hair care regimens.
Over time personal styles and hair goals vary, as a result we may move in and out of one regimen type to another. The type of regimen you follow depends entirely upon your goals - and your success with any regimen is determined by your ability to make the required adjustments needed to satisfy the regimen.
Click the links above to learn about the principles and techniques needed to successfully build your own healthy hair care regimen and EVEN IMPROVE YOUR CURRENT REGIMEN!
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Original text found in “The Science of Black Hair by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy
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