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Beauty / GroomingBlack Hair Science: What is a healthy hair care regimen?

Black Hair Science: What is a healthy hair care regimen?

Zinny Ofodum


By now you have read about other types of hair care regimens, if not click here to learn more.

With the coveted healthy hair care regimen, users will find that their hair progress is greater than the rate at which their hair breaks down. Such that hair growth becomes hair retained at the end. In this type of regimen, improvements in health and length is obvious over time. This is the gold standard regimen in which hair flourishes.
Healthy hair care regiments promote one or more of these basic principles:
-    Carefully planned and strategic product selection.
-    Optimal moisture levels maintained within the strands.
-    Moisture sources balanced with adequate protein sources.
-    Protection of hair shaft and ends from heat and physical damage.
-    Low-manipulation hair styling.
-    Natural hair - With no chemical processes or chemicals administered no more than every ten to twelve weeks.
-    Diet and body maintained at peak levels.
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By reducing the hair’s exposure to outside damage, this regimen ensures that hair growth and retention compliment one another over an extended period of time. Remember that longer hair is always older hair and it has lost most of its natural protein and moisture over the years. This older hair must receive sufficient moisture and protein supplementation. Without strategic care, the hair will begin to dry out and eventually break.

There is always a price to pay.

As most good things on this blue earth, it requires effort to achieve healthy hair. That’s why you should always remember that the one commodity, the common factor, that all people with healthy, long hair share -  no matter where you are from, or your gender - is the time investment they have made in their hair.
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Original text found in “The Science of Black Hair by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy
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