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Beauty / GroomingBlack Hair Science: What are Basic - Maintenance Regimens?

Black Hair Science: What are Basic - Maintenance Regimens?

Zinny Ofodum

This regimen applies to those lacking knowledge and maybe real interest in hair care. Hair choices are often made by default and so is similar to recessive-maintenance regimens in both practice and philosophy. The main difference is that with basic-maintenance regimen, the hair is maintained just above the point of it losing its strength.
Hallmarks of a basic-maintenance regimen include:
-    Hit - or - miss product selection and often incorrect product use.
-    Very few moisture sources and/or greases and oils substituting for moisturisers.
-    Infrequent hair cleansing and conditioning.
-    protein sources used in excess.
-    Direct heat used for daily styling (or more than once a week).
-    High-manipulation styling with no protection of the hair shaft or ends.
-    Moderate relaxer use, every eight to ten weeks.
-    Hair-coloring abuse.
-    Infrequent hair trimming or abundant hair trimming that is not in sync with the hair’s growth rate.
This type of regimen keeps your hair from growing to its full potential. It could be stuck at shoulder length for years and years. Followers of basic-maintenance regimens depend on the natural strength of their hair fibres to compensate for a lot of hair flaws and recover from their poor hair care.
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Original text found in “The Science of Black Hair by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy
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