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Beauty / GroomingBlack Hair Science: What are Recessive - Maintenance Regimens?

Black Hair Science: What are Recessive - Maintenance Regimens?

Zinny Ofodum


In recessive-maintenance regiments, the rate of hair damage exceeds the rate of hair progress. This regimen often is associated with:
-    Poor product selection and incorrect product use.
-    Extended periods of time between hair cleansing.
-    No moisture sources/excessive use of protein products.
-    Daily heat use.
-    Rough handling of the hair.
-    Color abuse: bleaching, multiple spins around the color wheel from one to the next, too frequent colouring and/or colouring hair already in poor condition.
-    Excessive relaxing (Less than six to eight weeks between applications).
-    Improper neutralising of relaxer chemicals.
-    Weave and extension abuse.
-    Excessive trimming due to damage.
Recessive-maintenance regimen users know that heat isn’t great for the hair, but they use it weekly. They know that relaxing and colouring can cause damage, but they double-process their hair any-way. They know that their hair must be handled gently, but they snatch combs through it. They know many things, but perhaps due to lack of time, money or interest, their execution is poor and far from structured. Hair, however, can only take so much!
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Original text found in “The Science of Black Hair by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy


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