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Beauty / Grooming5 Grooming tips for men from Bolly

5 Grooming tips for men from Bolly

Mega Ofodum


When it comes to looking good in Lagos, there are a few points that every man should consider.
Bolly gave us his top pointers for looking your best and Mega added some commentary to provide some context.
Here are Bolly's 5 grooming tips
Detailed by Mega Ofodum

Get yourself a nice shape up

  • There’s almost nothing you can’t do with a great shape up! At least that’s probably how you feel when your barber gives you that A-1 edge up! A good shape up really frames your face and balances your facial disposition. For my follicle challenged brothers, getting that scrape up with a nice beard shape up can transform you from Lord Voldemort to Mike Colter in a jiffy. Your lady would probably appreciate going to a rival’s dinner party with a Defender on her arm. So if you won’t do it for yourself, do it for her. She deserves a win!

Mike Colter

Giving your beard a trim.

  • If you’re not part of the coveted beard gang, you’ve probably been trying to get your beard to grow and the thought of trimming it may seem crazy. After all, getting that beard is a statement to everyone that you’re not a baby boy any more. You should probably consider that if you don't manage your facial hair growth, your look could go from ‘upcoming Lagos big boy’, to ‘learner’. Getting a trim doesn't mean cutting it all off - All you have to do is get it cleaned up every now and then to get rid of split ends, reduce patches, maintain symmetry and actually promote growth. You’ve got to remember to tame your mane if you’re trying to be king of the jungle. Having a daily beard oil or balm also boosts your beard growth while keeping your hair and skin conditioned preventing discomfort while your beard flourishes.

@KennyKFromdaa photographed by @Alexdrogers

Say no to dry lips,

Some men have this general misconception that lip moisturizers are “for women”. Whoever made that a thing was misinformed or just plain ignorant. In this hot country of ours, ashy and chapped lips are not a good look. It creates the opportunity for infections and discomfort and face it, you probably are less likely to lock lips with anyone.
There are a few points every man that likes to “lick his lips like LL” should consider.
  • First of all, lip skin is very thin and, unlike other skin areas, it doesn’t contain any oil glands, so they don't produce any natural oils. As a result, lips tend to become dehydrated and chapped more quickly than the rest of your skin would. 

  • Licking your lips may seem cool and “sexy” for a music video and a quick fix but once the saliva dries, it takes with it any natural moisture on your lips, leaving them even drier than before (Source: Gibson).

So you most likely would need an effective lip moisturiser to do what sebum, your skin's natural oil, does for the rest of your skin: Keep moisture in and protect lips from any drying environmental conditions.

‍Emmanuel Amorin Photographed by Domonick Gravine

No ashy fingers,

Your hands do so much, it’s only right to give them some tender, loving care. Your hands are one of the first places on your body to show signs of ageing because of the constant exposure and contact with water, chemicals and general activity which can really wear the skin on your hands out. Using a hand cream is the best way to repair and restore damaged hands, ensuring that they not only look younger but feel softer too. If you apply body creams daily, remember the skin on your hands is slightly different. Using a daily hand cream that contains an SPF is a must and one that sinks in quickly means it can be used throughout the day. You should look out for ingredients such as Vitamin E, Shea Butter, essential oils and Glycerin which will add much needed moisture to your skin.  If you want anti-aging properties, look out for antioxidants and AHAs, as these will help boost collagen - which plumps the skin.

Finally, Get your outfit right.

Come on bro, get your packaging right! You gotta keep your shirts pressed, your trad starched and your shoes buffed.  All na packaging after all.

Bolly by Xandarts

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