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LifestyleCelebrity Profile: Bollylomo

Celebrity Profile: Bollylomo

Mega Ofodum

Bolly, the actor and presenter has starred in a couple A-list Nigerian tv shows such as season two of Ebony life’s “On the real”. He is making strides in the Nigerian entertainment industry with a growing filmography including last year’s blockbuster movie "Ojukokoro" directed by Dare Olaitan.

Currently Bolly acts as the lead character on “Lagos big boy” by ndani tv,  which he would say is one of his biggest serial productions out.


We spent some time with Bolly to talk about his craft, his fitness and his lifestyle. 

So Bolly, how did you start acting?

"After finishing a degree in marketing and finance , coupled with having a dislike for a routined lifestyle, I realized I had more of a passion for a spontaneous career as well as something I really enjoyed doing. So yea, acting and making people laugh has always been something I was good at."

What is next for Bollylomo?

"To buy a G-Wagon really (he said as he laughed). Well the plan is to keep building the brand and hopefully become a national and international household name."

How do you feel about health generally?

"So far so good, I am thankful about my health and health choices but personally, I fear about the health system presently available in the country and I think it could be much better. I also feel that awareness of certain lifestyle habits can also be improved."

Have you got any unhealthy habits?

"Currently I am not really firm on my diet, as I tend to eat quite an amount of fatty food. But I mean, Ogunfe and chocolate and is nice though."

How about healthy tips?

"Watch your food intake, work out and drink a lot of water."

So when did you start taking fitness seriously?

"I would say I started in 2011. The gym beside my university was cheap, and there were a lot of fine girls. I got tempted to go and I fell in love with the system and not the girls."

How do you plan your work out routine?

"I really like to do an all round program for my upper body, and then I pick certain days for legs (my worst day)."

Where do you work out?

"I try to find a gym closest to where I work or stay, so it really depends on where I am. But generally I-fitness In Lekki, and new spa gym in Ogudu are my most regular ones."

Could you give us your top work out tips?

"Haha. Omo just carry the weight till you get 1000 likes on Instagram! Well basically warm up with a little cardio, and get into it slowly. Steady sets and reps, and make sure you complete your sets, no matter how hard it gets."


So what do you do to keep yourself looking good?

"Drink water, mind my business and make sure I have AC for this hot Nigerian weather."

What are your everyday grooming habits?

"Personally, I am very lackadaisical about my looks. So I just brush my hair I guess, trim my beards and try to dress alright."

What products do you like to use? 

"To be honest, I’m not too picky. I just buy cream and soap, well I like Dudu Osun, so maybe you can say I am a fan of natural products to an extent."

What are your favourite meals?

"Pasta and amala + ogunfe. (the best)"

How do you try and maintain a healthy diet?

"Honestly, that I struggle with, but I try to reduce my fatty meal and soda intake, but it’s still a work in progress."

How often do you eat a day?

"I really like food actually, so say 3-4 times, but mostly snacks sha, something light like pounded yam and efo."


How about your leisure activities?

"I like to warm up and get the heart pumping, so I am quite sporty, particularly I love football and I enjoy dancing as well."

Are you engaged in any community programs?

"Currently yes, I support a children's orphanage football team."

What do you do for general wellbeing?

"Eat, travel and enjoy my nice quiet time by myself."


Follow Bolly and his rise as a Lagos Big Boy  on his social media pages:

@itsbollylomo  - Twitter

@bollylomo - Instagram

@bollylomo - Facebook  

@bollylomo - Snapchat 

@bollylomo - Youtube


Keep an eye out for Bolly's new show coming soon. #DrBiscoming


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Photos taken by Olupitan Olusanya

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