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LifestyleFITNESS PROFILE: Stanley Emodi


Mega Ofodum
We sat down with Stanley Emodi to discuss his philosophy on fitness, martial arts and general wellness in Nigeria.

Mr Stanley Emodi the CEO of TSK FITNESS, a private organisation dedicated to martial arts & fitness consultancy, spent a day with us and we discussed his philosophy on health, his roots as a personal trainer and martial artist.


So how did you begin your fitness journey?


"I started as a gym instructor for the famous Strong Tower house gym and the Eko gym and spa. Then I decided to establish TSK Fitness as an online consultant."


We met you doing some Tai Chi at the Eko Fitness Festival, which isn’t common here in Nigeria. When did you start training in that martial art? And how do you use this skill in your life today?


"I trained in the discipline of traditional kung fu and have continued to train for over 8 years. Now I utilize my martial experience in fitness projects in order to help clients achieve reputable results.
I founded TAIFIT, which is a combination of Tai Chi for inner healing, flexibility, core and general body work. I am also the founder of Bikers Fitness in Nigeria and I have organised over 5 fitness events for bikers around Nigeria, specifically Lagos.
I’m also popularly known as the behind the scenes agent behind the look of iconic actress Bimbo Akintola."

What’s Next for TSK Fitness?


"Well, I hope to explore the world of fitness and martial arts and discover more sophisticated training programs to meet the needs of the general public through Tai-Chi for health, TAIFIT and self-defence classes."


When did you start talking fitness seriously?


"Since high school, I've always been Athletic and I participated in various competitions back then. The activities I engaged in required me to be fit. This lifestyle became a part of me, I work out regularly at the gym and I go for free weight and body weight exercises as well as the Tai-Chi exercises I regularly do."

Do you have a fitness idol?


"I would always look at one of the greats: Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was his 70th birthday recently, and he is still looking fit and healthy."


Tell us about your views on health.


"I try to lead a healthy lifestyle by eating clean 3 times a day with the help of comprehensive meal plans, working out at least 3 times a week, drinking a lot of water and finding ways to relieve my mind and body from stress. I like taking multivitamins to make sure that my body gets all the nutrients it needs to remain healthy. Tai Chi helps me achieve this as it is a meditative martial art that helps balance my mental state while giving me a good workout. I also like to go to the cinema from time to time and watch movies with friends."


Do you have any unhealthy habits?


"Yes I do. Most times I eat late because I get home late due to the nature of my job but I am always working on it. I think a lot of people may have this problem, especially in Lagos."


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Are there any concerns you have ever had concerning health issues in Nigeria or personally?


"Personally I have none, but I am concerned about the well being of the general public because a lot of people in Nigeria are nonchalant about leading a fitness and healthy lifestyle."

How about your body, how do you keep yourself looking good?


"Well, I always remember to shave regularly and I make sure I floss after brushing my teeth. When picking my grooming products I don't really look at the price, I just want to be sure that the product is effective at doing what I need it to do."
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"Generally, for wellbeing I workout to keep fit, I eat clean and I meditate to relieve my mind from mental stress through TAI-CHI."
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Photos taken by Olupitan Olusanya

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