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FitnessGet in shape with Suyi: Fitness groups

Get in shape with Suyi: Fitness groups

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The year 2017 is finally coming to an end and as such, we’re compelled to reflect on what we have either gained or lost this year. For some of us, unwanted weight is one of the things gained this year which can affect our overall self confidence and personal image.
We suggest that come December 31st you pick up your pen and paper and start setting your New Year Fitness resolutions. The reality is, most of us don’t stick to these resolutions so we could use a little help. 
Meet Suyi , he stuck to his fitness goals and lost over 50lb in just 9 months. He considered himself considerably overweight and after years of being unhappy with his weight, he decided to do something about it.

With exercise, strength training and a highly recommended diet, he went from a waist size of 44 to 34. By November, he had lost over 50 pounds and also gained some muscle.
This coming year, many New Year resolutions will be set. It's likely however, many will not make it past the first 10 days in January before quitting. It might be as a result of work or general stressful lifestyle in Nigeria. We tend forget to stick to these resolutions when life takes over. If you belong to this category, let Suyi show you how he did it,register for the January Fitness Challenge, guaranteed to help push yourself towards loosing up to 5kg!
Suyi's goal is to train and inspire you to get in shape, develop a love for fitness, improve your eating habits and diet and embrace a healthy and fit lifestyle, just like he did.
Classes available in Benin City

Kick-start your New Year with this fitness challenge with just =N= 5000 naira. You’ll get access to a ton of offline and online resources to meet your fitness goals including:

- aerobic classes, 
- yoga 
- a recommended meal plan guaranteed to help you shed weight. 

Hurry now and join the January challenge starting on the 3rd January 2018.

It doesn’t matter where you reside in the country you will receive daily helpful tips on diet and exercise with support to help you achieve your fitness goals.Join his amazing online community to get started Call/WhatsApp : 08138410296, follow his Facebook @getinshapewithsuyi and Instagram handle @getinshape_withsuyi

Don’t procrastinate; join up now, to get that truly awesome body you’ve always dreamed of.
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