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NutritionHow much coffee is enough coffee?

How much coffee is enough coffee?

Mega Ofodum

Is coffee good for my Diet?

It’s Monday morning and that means there’s a whole lot of work I have to get up to now that my weekend of faffing is all behind me.
Now I’ve got to face the increased traffic because everyone is getting their day started and school runs are on as well. By the time I get through my 1 hour commute and I already feel mentally drained but then there’s this list of client emails I have to get through. Oh yeah, I just got an email from the about updates from the 5pm meeting we had on Friday.
When it's all lined up there’s one thing that helps to redeem my morning and gets me going.
My good ol’ cup of coffee.
I love my morning cup of coffee on a Monday morning, from the soothing aroma,  to the taste that kicks me into action. I like my coffee black, with no sugar. Except when I am feeling a bit extra and get some hazelnut syrup in there as well. I guess it all started from my days as a barista back in university, which is probably why I prefer to have freshly ground coffee from cafe's around Lagos. 
Now on average I have a medium sized cup of coffee a day and this is usually enough to get me started. Looking at conventional sizes this is about 8 oz (ml), which for freshly ground coffee would contain about 70-140g of caffein and only 2 Calories. If you prefer instant coffee, there’s usually less caffeine than brewed coffee where one cup would contain roughly 30 - 90mg of caffeine and 4 calories. The caffeine in the coffee works directly on the my brain, which means I tend to get more active, while finding it easier to think through the first couple of challenges the day.

You’re probably thinking - "So this awesome warm beverage gives you that energy boost with little calorie intake? Please do tell me more"

Oh yeah, at this point I’ve even put coffee into my diet plan. Its right up there with my home made oatmeal muffin and fruit salad. 

Some experts even with a say with a sensible diet, you can burn 100 more calories by drinking coffee than if you haven't.

Compared to drinking all those energy drinks which are full of extra preservatives, sweeteners and sugars, sometimes I’d rather go with the low calorie option of a freshly brewed and stay within my calorie count for the day. 

But as with most good things, moderation is important.

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Let us know in the comment section how you feel about coffee and your favourite place to get a cup of coffee in Nigeria.

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