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How to improve your appetite

Ndira Ofodum

Building lean muscle or simply adding on a few extra pounds to meet your goal weight can be very difficult if you are someone who struggles with your appetite. 

This problem can be solved by re-structuring your diet. For starters, you might want to reduce the size of portions while eating more meals throughout the day. By doing this, you balance out the glucose levels in your body and your energy levels are also likely to stay consistent.

You should also avoid food that makes you feel bloated, as well as carbonated drinks. These foods trick your brain into believing you are fully nourished, while you may not actually have had the required amount of nutrients for the day.

Drinking warm lemon water between meals will also help. Lemon drinks with pulp are high in fibre, and aids the digestive process by cleansing the system and inducing appetite. 

Pomegranate juice is another good source of fibre, and it also contains a healthy amount antioxidants which can help you detox, which would lead to a subsequent improvement in your eating habits.

Exercising is one of the easiest ways to work up an appetite. After each workout, the body needs food to refuel and replenish. The harder you push yourself in the gym, the more likely you are to have healthy cravings afterwards.

Most importantly you must be sure that you’re eating a balanced diet. Neglecting a particular food group could lead to illness, sluggishness, dehydration and other health concerns which will affect your diet.

Let us know if you have found any ways to improve a bad appetite. 

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