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Personal Trainer Focus: Fads Fit

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FadsFit is an online personal training platform led by Faderera Segun that provides personalized workout plans for clients based on answers received from a few questions. Meal plans are also available to accompany the personalized program effectively speeding up the time it would take to achieve your #BodyGoals and finally, a food list, which is a compilation of foods that one should eat to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

We had a training day with Faderera and found out how she keeps fit and get's her client to their goals.

What are your biggest achievements in the past and what are you currently working on?

"I just competed my undergraduate degree in June in Mechanical engineering and I’m about to begin my masters in Sustainable Energy Technology, which I’m very excited about. It’s important to discover novel energy sources that don’t negatively impact the Earth."

How did you get started in the fitness world?

“It really started off as a personal journey. When I first started working out, I only spent 20 minutes on one machine (the elliptical). It then progressed to 30 minutes on that same machine and maybe an extra 10 exercising my core. I then went to university where I was surrounded by weights and I got intrigued. My routine switched up from there, I started running for lengthy periods of time then I cut down the cardio and started lifting light weights (nothing more than 20kg). Eventually I started lifting heavier with the encouragement of my friend. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with lifting heavy and its fun pushing your body further than you ever thought it could go.”

What is next for FadsFit?

"I’m taking it slow while I complete my education so I’m going to continue in the direction it’s going in. I’m really pleased with the progress FadsFit is making and of course even more pleased with the results my clients are getting following their personalized programs."

How do you feel about your health generally?

"I like to think I’m really healthy. I’ve made a lot of lifestyle changes to ensure I remain in shape i.e. take the stairs instead of the escalator/ elevator, walk short journeys that I would have used a car for etc. Also eating clean and a rigorous training program allow me to believe that I am healthy."

Are there any concerns you have ever had concerning health issues in Nigeria?

"I don’t think people take health seriously enough in Nigeria and the lack of education doesn’t help things. I’ve heard some ridiculous theories on weight loss from Nigerians but the best one I’ve heard is if you drink gin then lay in the sun, the fat will ‘melt’."

The overconsumption of heavy carbs is probably the leading cause of obesity in Nigeria but due to the economy it’s difficult to suggest better alternative for the general masses. 

Do you have any unhealthy habits?

"Loads. I love fried, greasy food and it’s really a daily struggle to eat clean but it’s much easier to abstain when I think about my goals and how hard I’ve worked to achieve what I’ve been able to."

How about healthy tips?

  • Like I mentioned earlier, take the stairs when possible
  • Walk short journeys as opposed to driving
  • Substitute heavy carbs for lighter, more nutritious alternatives e.g. bulgur wheat, quinoa, couscous
  • Drink as much green tea and water as you possibly can throughout the day
  • Stretching is so important. 

So when did you start taking fitness seriously?

"I started taking exercise seriously when I was 16. I’d been going to the gym here and there before, going on the odd jog but I was never consistent with it. I then got to my heaviest weight, 70kg and decided I needed to do something about it. 70kg may not seem that heavy but on my 5ft5’’ frame, it made me look very large.

I only really started working on my fitness and general wellbeing when I was 18 through various forms of cardio and weight lifting."

What does your workout routine consist of?

"I like to start my routine with some cardio. Interchanging between intense and moderate energy levels to warm up my muscles and break a sweat. I then move to weight focusing on whichever body part I’m training that day and finish off the session with core exercises. "

Do you have a fitness idol?

"I don’t have a fitness idol per say but I do have people I look up to regarding how they’ve managed to stay in shape. Some of these people are Gabrielle Union, Jennifer Lopez. I also admire people who have lost tremendous amounts of weight (e.g. Jennifer Hudson) and have managed to keep it off. Many people struggle with the maintenance bit and it’s truly admirable when it’s done successfully. "

Where do you work out?

"My favorite place to work out is a fully equipped gym, consisting of cardio equipment, weighs and assisted weight machines. However, I do the occasional outdoor workout, where I either cycle or jog." 


"Some of my favorite foods are extremely unhealthy. I love pizza, burgers, pasta drenched in creamy, buttery sauces, but I’ve had to learn self-control and only have those things on occasion. My two most favorite healthy meals are baked sweet potatoes and salmon and bulgur wheat fried rice."

How do you try and maintain a healthy diet?

"I eat the conventional healthy things (veggies, oats, lean meats) and I also drink a ridiculous amount of green tea a day. Green tea has loads of health benefits which is why I started drinking it but now it’s out of habit. I’ve also recently included apple cider vinegar into my diet as it aids weight loss."

How often do you eat a day?

"I try my best to eat 3 meals a day but I often only get 2 due to my busy schedule. I do snack occasionally between meals when it feels like my energy levels are too low. Some of my go to snacks are yoghurt + granola, bananas or air popped - popped corn."

Any tips, foods or product types you recommend?

"I’m a huge dairy alternative advocate. I stopped drinking cow milk in 2013 and switched to soya milk. Over the years I’ve tried, almond, hazelnut and rice milk but soya is the best in my opinion. My preferred brand is Alpro soya milk subtle sweet." 

(Check out our article on: alternatives to dairy milk you should try today)

Finally what do you do in your spare time?

"I enjoy reading, hanging out with friends, playing sports i.e. football, tennis, volleyball, basketball, rounders. I also love to bake, I find being in the kitchen very comforting. The surprise at the end when you take the thing out of the oven makes me happy every time."

For more from Faderera check her out on Instagram - @fadsfit or send her an email for a personalised work out plan. Email –


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