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Running Club Chronicles

Mega Ofodum

So there I was, excited all week. I had been planning for the running club and it was about to be the highlight of my week. Then comes Saturday and at 5 am I got a call from Safi, “Mega this rain is torrential!” she said. At the time I’m thinking okay, we have like 2 more hours before everything starts so hopefully by then it all calms down. I thought to myself “stay positive” but then I did a little prayer just so I’d get the big man up there to help out with one hour without rain just for me. Well, guess he had other plans because 6:30 I get up and I’m ready to go and this rain is still pouring down. Lightning and thunder were crashing like Thor had taken a carpenters job in Ajah. 

So, I was like “wow, this rain is really out here trying to stop my shine”. I kinda made up my mind that this run wasn't going to happen. So I sent a text to Rose and she said to me “Mega, rain or shine, we move!”. So I'm like “okay, all right (in a Denzel Washington voice), we gotta go out and do this”.


The whole thing just felt like a life lesson, because when you try to move forward, sure enough obstacles are going to come your way. Here in Nigeria that is more than likely. What do you do when these road blocks which are beyond your control show up? In my situation there was nothing I could do to stop the rain, especially since I forgot how to do the rain dance and couldn't find any rain makers at that time. (Shout out to the rain makers from my villa). 
So what I did was keep on moving because even when the sky is falling, you have to go all in. See the way I see it, when you set your mind on something you just have to go do it, otherwise you might be missing out on something greater than the obstacle set before you. So I set out on the 5km run, with the rain against me, running against the wind, my mind was ready and my body had to come to terms with it. This run was going to happen and when I had finished, I felt like Rocky Balboa at the end of that classic training montage. 
Yeah! Its cold and wet, but I ran really well though.
Along the way I came across other people who had powered through the weather conditions and some had even done above 10 km that morning. In my mind I'm like “Nah, my own na small matter”.  That put things into perspective, people can do more even when they are faced with the same challenges. 
However, it’s understandable how others may see it as an obstacle, running in the rain may not be the safest thing to do. You need to have the right running techniques, the right equipment and be healthy enough to face the conditions. That's fine, how about we find some alternative things to do when the rain comes to literally mess up your parade. 
So click here for what to do when its wet outside and you need to get your cardio on!
By the way, after the rainy run I went home and enjoyed a nice warm shower, some green tea and lots of Vitamin C. I’m not about that flu life! Stay healthy, stay fit, stay safe! 
Join the running club and stand a chance at winning our monthly top runner prize! All you have to do is sign up to and add us on the Nike+ Run Club App ( search: LIFELAND RUNNERS) .We meet every Saturday at different locations so we could run together and socialize but we would like you to make running or jogging or even walking a habit. It helps train your heart, body and mind to get you stronger and keep you going. 
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