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NutritionTips For Healthy Snacking

Tips For Healthy Snacking

Mercy Leghemo

A lot of people believe eating between meals only results in  weight gain and this  isn't absolutely true.  Snacking can be beneficial to maintaining your weight while also providing nutritional value when it's done right. So, here are a few tips to help you snack smarter and healthier. 

  • Never ignore hunger pangs
If you feel pangs of hunger in between meals, never fight it off till your next meal because you will most likely end up eating a lot more than you should.
  • Meal times should never be too far apart
When you stretch your meal times too far apart, you raise your stress levels and this either kick starts cravings for sugar or causes you to over-indulge eventually.
  • Include healthy snacks in your meal plan
Including healthy snacks like fresh fruits, vegetables, yoghurt etc., in your meal plan helps you prepare snacks that can add a lot of extra nutrients to your diet. It also helps you make the switch from junk food to a healthier option and ensures that you're armed with the right kind of snacks when those pangs of hunger start to kick in.
  •  Always remember to control your portions
Too much of everything is never good.  So when snacking it's important to eat just enough, not too much so you don't end up over eating and not too little that you still end up hungry.
  • Concentrate on your meal
When you eat too fast or while you're distracted you end up consuming a lot more than your body really needs without noticing.
  • Take snacks with you when you're on the road
Spending a lot of time on the road/travelling can be really stressful and can lead to craving junk food. It's important to have healthy snacks at hand on such occasions so you don't end up over indulging.
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