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FitnessWe got fit living the Verve Life

We got fit living the Verve Life

Ndira Ofodum

The Verve Life

 We attended #thevervelife event last weekend put together by Verve card and Lucozade sport and we had an amazing time.
One of the more underrated aspects of trying to develop a healthy lifestyle, is the importance of forming a community of people with similar interests as you. For instance, you may be able to share tips and learn from each other’s fitness journeys, or add a competitive angle, making an otherwise daunting workout a little more entertaining.

Ig: Vervecard


The Verve Life presented an opportunity for this and so much more. From intense aerobics to martial arts and even a meditative yoga sessions, suitable for both the experienced ones in attendance and the rookies.
Guests were treated to demonstrations of martial arts, got to take part in weight training activities and got involved in nutrition and fitness seminars during the event. 
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Along with sports apparel, there was also a variety of nutritional products sold by independent vendors, which provided people with the opportunity to discover new interesting ways to improve their diet.

‍Ig: Vervecard
Events like these are great for Nigerians because they really do promote a healthy lifestyle and fitness in general. Check out the hashtag #thevervelife for highlights of the event.

We are looking forward to the next health and fitness initiative Verve card and Lucozade sport has for us.

Where you at the Verve Life event?
Let us know in the comment section your thoughts on how it went.

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