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FitnessWhat are you all in for? Fit Fam Fest 2018

What are you all in for? Fit Fam Fest 2018

Lifeland Team


Are you a fitness buff and a proud member of #FitFam?  Are you health conscious and searching for inspiration to motivate you to embark on your journey of total wellness? Or are you just looking for a healthy way to chill and have fun? The 2018 edition of FitFam Fest is definitely for you!
The FitFam Fest is Africa’s largest fitness festival. It is a celebration of the journey towards a fit and healthy lifestyle, as well as a must for fitness enthusiasts everywhere. This is its third year running, and it promises to exceed all expectations set by the previous editions! It is a one-day event, holding on the 24th of November, 2018, at Hardrock Café Beach Front, from 8am-3pm.
Activities designed to promote fitness and total health have been curated for your pleasure. Different fitness brands have come together to produce a seamless fitness fest, specifically to promote your good health. Some of these brands and the activities offered include:
  • 5K Colour Run, a mini-marathon with a colourful difference!
  • Sohofitness, a glute camp all the way from Rwanda, specially designed for the ladies who want to get their legs, abs and glutes in shipshape.
  • EliteBox, the first boutique boxing gym in Lagos, serving up world-class boxing sessions, designed to test and develop your endurance and mental strength.
  • Jumpump, offering a full-body workout on a mini-trampoline.
  • Dance with Ayjay, allowing you to get some cardio in, while busting some serious moves.
  • Zumba Fitness, mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves to burn the calories away in a fun dance fitness party.
  • Slenderpal, the new weight loss program on the block, analyzing your full-body composition, and teaching you how to achieve your fitness goals, while still enjoying your wholesome Nigerian meals.
  • Kemen, bringing you a basic interval training exercise.
  • Maje Hit Squad, a high intensity interval training class, a unique blend of fun and fit, with some sessions specially designed for kids, and primal sessions based on animal movements.
  • So Fit Full Body Blast, providing full-body low-impact workout in the form of isometric exercises, focused on toning the glutes, thighs, abdominals and arms.
  • Perfect Routines, serving up a neatly wrapped workout package of cardio, abs and pushups.
  • Breathe Yoga Studio, your de-stressing destination for all levels of yoga.
  • Red Caramel, introducing a whole new dimension to fitness with pole dancing.
  • Zoca Dance Fitness, an exhilarating fusion of Caribbean culture and African pop music, aimed at improving muscle tone, developing strength, and boosting confidence.
  • Razzieshred, a unique, high-intensity, metabolic conditioning workout.
  • The Catalyst, facilitated by Lanre Olushola, a session aimed at helping you master your emotions and achieve optimum mental health.
  • Chyna’s Kata Box, offering a session on self-defense, melded into a fun, challenging aerobic workout.
  • Kemen, bringing you a masterclass on corrective exercise and form.
  • Nigerian Fencing, bringing this Renaissance sport to our motherland!
The FitFam Fest will also be where the epic Lifeland Beach Body & Bikini Model Championship would be going down! This championship is a celebration of men and women who put in effort in achieving their body goals, as well as an avenue of promoting confidence. The first edition was a roaring success, and this promises to be even better, with prizes including brand ambassadorship, TV show hosting and modelling opportunities, as well as cash prizes! Read more about it here. There will also be a raffle draw to raise funds for our associated wellness outreach programs. You get the chance to win tasty treats, massages, beauty treatments, dinner deals, gift vouchers, and many more! Get your tickets here. Buying more tickets increase your chances of winning.
What are you waiting for? Go on over to the official FitFam Fest website and register to attend. November 24th is the day to be all in!

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