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HealthWhat to do before you start a cleanse

What to do before you start a cleanse

Mercy Leghemo

A complete body cleanse is a long process but it rejuvenates most of our organs so it's always worth it. A major question a lot of people ask is how to successfully cleanse your system from toxins. The simple fact is that since we probably can't eat right everyday of our lives, we can at least make certain lifestyle changes to aid our systems like:
  1. Consult a doctor or pharmacist before starting
Before jumping headfirst into a cleanse, it's important to consult with a doctor to know if you need to go on a cleanse, the major causes of your symptoms, and what kind of lifestyle adjustments have to be made for overall wellness.

  1. Making healthier food choices
We have to mind both what we consume and what we avoid. I've most likely repeated this over and over but I'm just stressing how important it is because it helps decrease the number of toxins we let into our bodies. Artificial sweeteners, alcohol and bad fat all may cause a lot of health problems. While it may be difficult to avoid them completely, extremely limiting their intake helps a great deal. Introducing meals with apples, avocados, cabbages, garlic, broccoli into your diet or drinking green tea and dandelion tea are some of the most common ways of cleansing the system daily.
  1. Exercise
Exercise helps you sweat and sweating helps remove toxic substances from the body.

  1. Drink more water
Drink more water - not coffee or soda, water.  It not only hydrates the body, it purifies the system and is necessary for most bodily functions (especially in the kidney and liver, both of which flush out toxins from the system).
  1. Take things slow
Always remember you can't turn your entire lifestyle around in a day or even a week, so take things slow, set realistic goals for your health and slowly work towards achieving them.
Cultivating these healthy habits over time is the best way to carry out long term cleanses or detoxing. It's also important to realize the fact that our bodies already have a system for detoxification, A cleanse is just way to help boost the organs which carry out these functions.
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The liver serves as a filter in the body but most times toxic buildup may slow their functional processes. Going on a cleanse therefore helps to boost the performance of these organs.

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