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FitnessWorking out your menstrual cycle

Working out your menstrual cycle

Zinny Ofodum

Okay, So when aunty flow comes to visit, it’s very likely that on the first day you’re low on energy, feeling bloated and just want to curl up in bed and stay there all day. But did you know that when you work out during your period it helps ease menstrual cramps, gets rid of the bloating and combats mood swings? It may also be a solution to regulate irregular periods naturally. With all these said, I think it’s totally worth it to get your behind out of bed and get to working out.

Here are 4 benefits to working out with aunty flow:

1)    Boost your mood and combat PMS 

PMS and mood swings varies depending on the individual. It can range from anxiety to depression. In other words your mood swing could go from 0-100 due to your hormones. Studies have shown that people experiencing depression benefit from exercise as it decreases levels of depression and boosts the mood. So why not apply that to battle the pre-period blues??

2)    Enhance blood circulation and ease menstrual cramps

The endorphins released during your workout session will reduce the perception of pain. Exercising is also known to reduce stress levels and anxiety.  Did you know that stress increases menstrual cramps? So exercising will lower stress levels naturally which will then reduce the intensity of the cramps. It will also get your circulation going which will help reduce cramps.

3)    Exercising beats fatigue and headaches

When you feel particularly low on energy but can’t sleep either, the best thing to do is to get moving. It’s when you really don’t feel like working out, that you really should. The first 10 minutes will be hard, but once you get moving it will strengthen blood circulation and activate your heart muscles. This will result in higher energy levels and help you beat that lazy bone.

4)    Regulate irregular periods naturally

If you have irregular periods or your period is overdue, physical activity can help your menstrual cycle get back on track. Be particularly active the days before you expect your period to come and pair it with a healthy diet. There are some fruits and herbs that act as emmenagogues and can help kick start a late or irregular period. Try to eat some pineapples, papaya and parsley. Combine those with regular exercise the days before your period.

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