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HealthYou should try cleansing your system

You should try cleansing your system

Mercy Leghemo

Life in the twenty first century is filled with toxins. They're everywhere, in the things we eat, the products we use and generally in our environment.
A cleanse, also called detox is basically the process of healthily ridding the body of toxins. Cleanses can be done on the entire body or a specific organ like the colon or the liver and the amount of time varies for either one. The goal of cleanses are to remove impurities from the body so they're beneficial in a lot of ways.
  • For the skin, it eliminates free radicals and toxins thereby giving you healthier, younger looking skin.
  • Organs like the kidney and the liver serve as filters but most times toxic buildup may slow their functional processes. Going on a cleanse therefore helps to boost the performance of these organs.
  • In terms of weight loss, it helps in resetting our food choices by correcting hormonal imbalances (those hormones that make you crave sugar so much). Food detox diets can also help deal with food addiction simply by replacing those unhealthy, addictive foods with healthy organic options.
  • Detoxifying your system helps to increase your energy levels simply by helping you make healthier food choices like cutting out sugar, alcohol, saturated fats etc… and replacing them with fresh fruits and vegetables which build up micronutrient levels which most likely have been lacking in your diet. However, it's normal to feel fatigue for the first few days after a switch in lifestyle. It's just your body's way of adjusting to something new.

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Let us know in the comment section what you do when you want to cleanse your system.

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