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What are the benefits of Septilin? Septilin helps increase the effectiveness of protective white blood cells thereby protecting the body against infection. Septilin optimizes the body�s immuno modulating mechanisms. Septilin helps cope with modern allergens. Septilin helps the body to strengthen its natural immunity. Septilin helps build resistance. Septilin is an ultimate health promoting product for all ages.

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how to use:

1 tablet to be taken twice daily

professional notes:

Septilin is a blend of ayurvedic herbals that possess properties aimed at boosting the immune system. This product is particularly effective in fighting off coughs and colds, and aiding the body's recovery from a host of infections, including Staphylococcus. When used together with Himalaya Turmeric supplements, research has shown this combination to be highly effective in fighting stubborn infections in the body.

care information:

Keep away from children

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