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If you don't not wish to comply with these terms, you are not permitted to use this website. This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws of The Federal Republic of Nigeria. The place of jurisdiction shall be exclusively in Lagos, Nigeria.

Terms of Use
i- Content on this website is protected by copyright and trademark law.
ii- Material may be temporarily downloaded for only personal, non-commercial use, however this is not a transfer of title. Additionally, no licence is granted to alter copyrighted material.
iii- The abuse or harassment of other users of the website is strictly prohibited.
iv- In every interaction with this website and it’s users, you may not misrepresent yourself or claim the identity of another.
v- In using this website, users are responsible for keeping their private information confidential. accepts no liability in the event that a user grants access to their account to a third party.

Terms of Sale
i- Unless otherwise agreed, delivery of the goods and payment of the price are concurrent conditions, that is to say, the Life Lang Nigeria will be willing to give possession of any ordered goods to the buyer in exchange for the price and the buyer must be ready and willing to make the agreed payment in exchange for possession of the goods. 
ii- Unless otherwise agreed, the goods remain at the Life Land Nigeria’s risk until the property in them is transferred to the buyer, but when the property in them is transferred to the buyer the goods are at the buyer’s risk whether delivery has been made or not.

Life Land Nigeria reserves the right to reject or cancel your existing order in the event that:
i- The product is no longer available.
ii- The billing information provided by the customer can not be validated.
iii- The product had been advertised with incorrect information.
iv- Life Land Nigeria cannot deliver to the address provided.

Returns Policy
i- Goods purchased from Life Land Nigeria may be returned with the buyer receiving a refund if the following conditions are met;

The buyer has a paper or email receipt as proof of purchase.
The unwanted goods are returned within 30 days, in its sealed original packaging, unused and free from any damage or impairment.
If the goods in question are edible, returns must be made within 7 days, and/or at least 14 days before its listed expiry date.
If the request to return an unsealed product is due to the customers claim that at the time of purchase, the product was below the advertised quality, should this claim be supported by an inspection, an exchange may be made for similar product of the equivalent monetary value of the product being retuned, but the issuance of a full refund will only be given at the discretion of Life Land Nigeria.

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